Talking Bout Your Inspiration

As I sit here, I’m struggling with feelings of nausea as well as feeling personally violated.

I went out for lunch with my mom and her partner today. About halfway through lunch, a woman approached our table and commended my mom for the difficult task of taking me to lunch ‘because you don’t see that every day’. My mom told the woman that I was well educated, and that this was a normal thing to do. To be honest, she shouldn’t have had to.

The woman then approached me, and began stroking my arm – telling me how wonderfully I was doing, despite not knowing me at all. There is no faster way to lose an appetite.

I am still so frustrated with the experience because it doesn’t play out the same way every time, but the whole premise is far too common.

I would like to say that whether we are friends or strangers, I am not here to serve as your inspiration. I really don’t care if seeing me try to navigate a grocery store reminded you that you totally should join hot yoga. That last part doesn’t make any sense? Believe me, I know.

I’m living in a world that isn’t made for me, because it’s predominantly able-bodied. I’m not trying to be rude, but you’re next. You could become disabled at any point in your life, and I can tell you right now, you’re not prepared for it.

This might sound like a very angry rant, but I’m growing tired of repeating myself. It’s not inspiring that the Government is making cuts to education and ODSP alike. It’s not inspiring that the City of London finds it acceptable that I’m trapped inside all winter. It’s not inspiring that I went to lunch with my mom.

It won’t be inspiring when it’s your life, too. 

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