A Tall Glass Of Comedic Relief

I started performing at open mic 3 years ago now. When I started, of course I wanted to make people laugh. However, I also wanted to use it as a teaching tool of sorts. When you tell others not to do something because it hurts and is incredibly ignorant, they get defensive. When you turn that same thing into a joke, it sticks because you aren’t directly attacking somebody else’s character.

Aside from teaching others, comedy has also given me control of things that I would otherwise have zero control over. I get to change the typical narrative behind disability.

You guys think I’m dumb/damaged? Perhaps to a certain degree, but there was a fully grown man who asked if I slept in a bed the other day. Nope, I sleep upside down like a bat.

I’ve never minded questions, but there are some that make me fear for the future of humanity.

My absolute favourite part of comedy is the community behind it. We’re all a hot mess in our own unique way, but it feels like having a family (one that Dr Phil couldn’t dissect if he tried.) I’ve never felt more grateful for comedy. In a way, I still have a job, (even if it hardly pays.) Comedy is something that gravity and oxygen deprived brain cells can never steal from me. I hope to never give it up.

The bold text is a joke. I’m okay, really!

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