“That’s Probably The Most Millennial Thing I’ve Ever Eaten” – A HelloFresh Review

When it comes to food, I’m very guilty of sticking to  “the usual.” I got a $20 off coupon in a beauty box I ordered, so I decided to give it a go. I ordered the Pronto plan, which included three meals for two people.

The box came with each recipe divided into their own containers, and detailed instructions on how to prep/cook the recipes. Each meal takes about  30 minutes to cook. My personal favourite recipe was the burrito bowl. The recipe included more vegetables that I’ve ever eaten in one go. I felt like a responsible adult for all of five seconds.

Plus, it was my first time ever eating avocado (which is where my title comes from). Not only is the food very filling, but it is also arguably more photogenic than I am. I couldn’t help but share it on Instagram.

The only downside to the box was the expense. If I didn’t have the $20 off coupon, six meals would have come to about $80. As a currently unemployed person, even $60 hurt a little bit. However, I do intend to order again when I am in better shape to do so.

If you would like to try HelloFresh for yourself, click here for $40 off of your first box!

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